What are the 3 most important fundamental qualities that MOST experienced employers, leaders, managers, deans, teachers, coaches, or other potential “interviewers” would look for in a potential candidate or team member first, before anything else? Our survey results show that the 3 things below are the most important qualities that potential interviewers would look for in a person:

1.) The person takes 100% responsibility

2.) The person has a thankful attitude

3.) The person is kind to others

Now that we have established the most important fundamentals, please accept our challenge to practice them for a few minutes 5 days a week. Additionally, people you know are submitting interview questions for you to choose from so that you can practice up to 1 time a week, then get some feedback. This way when your time comes to interview you will be more prepared. Those who participate on a regular basis will get to do a mock interview in the spring with local adults who represent various professions.

Take the first step below and then choose you next step from there 🙂