Step TWO:

Directions: Watch the 6-minute video and answer the question below. Be careful, once you select an answer it cannot be changed. Note: The video is really important, please listen to it 🙂

What is the goal for the first few weeks or even months?(Required)
What is the one membership requirement that all members must complete, including board members, the CEO and all team members?(Required)
What happens if a member fails to earn their one membership credit in a given week?(Required)
What is the difference between "Exercise Total" and "Membership Credits"?(Required)
How will I know when I have earned a membership credit for the week?(Required)
What was the success tip mentioned in the video?(Required)
Click below to read the steps and use the True or False options to identify if the steps are correct
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Step 1: Take a relaxed breath, prepare to be deeply grateful

Step 2: Use the 4 by 4 breathing technique while simply being grateful for air- Fill your lungs with air over a span of 4 seconds- Hold the air for 4 seconds- Exhale over the next 4 seconds- Use the last 4 seconds to notice how you feel…

Step 3: Ponder some opportunity that you are grateful to have

Want to take it to the next level?

Step 4: Write something on your to-do list that is related to the opportunity that you were grateful for in Step 3- Example: If you were grateful for the opportunity to walk in step 3 “Take a short walk today after dinner this evening”
Choose the correct option:(Required)